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Information about Keynote Speakers

1. Yann Risz / Managing director / Aligned Incentives

Yann Risz has advised many of the world’s largest organizations on sustainable business creation.

2. Claus Stig Pedersen / Head of Corporate Sustainability & EMEA Public Affairs / Novozymes

Claus Stig Pedersen is one of the pioneers in the development of Life Cycle Assessment methodologies and sustainability concepts for business. He is driven by the vision of combining “good for the world” with “good for business”

3. Timothy Gutowski ProfessorMassachusetts Institute of Technology 

Timothy Gutowski and his group are focused on examining environmental effects associated with manufacturing. Additonal work looks at the environmental effects from consumption.

4. Sami Kara / Professor / School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia

Sami Kara is the founder and academic-in-charge of the Sustainable Manufacturing & Life Cycle Engineering Research Group at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

Monday evening Jubilee Session

This special interactive evening session will be held to celebrate the 25 year jubilee of CIRP LCE conferences. The session is designed as a “wine, dine and discuss concept” where participants are asked to fill in, either individually or in spontaneously formed groups, a handwritten card on ideas for future vision/goals for CIRP LCE within the framework of the UN SDGs and with outlook towards 2030. More information.