In 2018, the CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) conference returns to Copenhagen (Denmark), 25 years after the LCE conference series was initiated by Professor Leo Alting and hosted by the Technical University of Denmark in 1993. At the CIRP LCE 2018 conference we celebrate this milestone and honor and credit all stakeholders that over the past 25 years have made valuable contributions to drive and develop LCE activities. However, looking ahead is the major objective of the LCE 2018 conference.

With the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), the United Nations have set targets for a sustainable world in 2030 and we focus the LCE 2018 conference on the role that engineering must play in the achievement of these  goals. LCE activities address many of the 17 SDGs. To meet the Sustainable Development Goals we see the need to develop LCE from technological eco-efficiency to technology that supports a world that is sustainable in absolute terms – not just better but good enough!

We must shift the focus of LCE from eco-efficiency to eco-effectiveness and we also invite contributions that address this challenge. We look forward to receiving many interesting abstracts and welcome participants from both inside and outside the CIRP community from all over the world to join us at the 25 year anniversary CIRP LCE 2018 conference in Copenhagen.
Michael Hauschild, Professor
Conference Chair